1.    Funded sessions for children aged 2 years (if eligible for funding) to 5 years

Speen Pre-School offers 15 hours of funded session time over five days per week, between 9am and 12pm. Each child eligible for funding is entitled to attend for a minimum of three hours a day up to five days a week whenever places are available.

We accept funded 2 year olds.  All children are also eligible to receive funding from the government to cover up to 15 hours per week from the term after their 3rd birthday. The government sets the cut off dates for birthdays as 31st August, 31st December and 31st March. Therefore if your child’s birthday is on 31st March they would receive funding from the summer term but if their birthday is on 1st April or after they would not receive funding until the Autumn term in September. 

Any additional hours over the 15 funded hours are charged at £5 per hour for funded children.  3 additional hours charged at £15 same as a core session.

2.    Standard sessions for children until eligible to receive government funding

£15 per session (9am – 12pm)

Drop-in sessions: We offer ad hoc drop in sessions on any day we have places and the appropriate staff available, at £15 per session, pay as you go, payable to staff on the day.

3. Additional activities/sessions

Lunch club (Monday to Thursday 12pm – 1pm): We offer these extended sessions to all children at an additional charge of £6 per lunch club session. The chance for these children to have lunch in a school setting with their friends is going to be part of their day at primary school, so our pre-school lunch club provides great preparation for the experience. 

We are able to offer afternoon sessions to children at £8 per session but these sessions are subject to availability and do not operate every term if we do not have enough children attending. 

If you are interested in sending your child to a lunch club you will need to provide a healthy packed lunch containing no nuts - please refer to our Food & Drink Policy