Our Daily Routine

'Staff make good use of their assessments of children's development to plan a broad range of play-based experiences that children find interesting and challenging. Children make good progress in their learning.'

Children are well behaved. They learn to share, take turns and be polite and considerate towards each other.

'Children enjoy listening to stories when staff skilfully engage their interest by asking them open questions and getting them to predict what may happen next...They practise early writing as they make marks in sand and paint....Children thoroughly enjoy playing and learning indoors and outdoors.'

(OFSTED, jan 2017)

We follow a similar daily routine primarily based on covering the seven learning areas through providing our children with free play opportunities across a selection of equipment and activities both indoors and out. Weekly we offer a Forest School session. Sometimes sessions are held at our area in the park where we have large play equipment, a sand-pit, ride-on toys and bikes, an easel and other smaller toys.

9am - 11.35am - Children arrive at 9am. Children are encouraged to learn independence through taking off coats and shoes in our cloakroom area and then learning to recognise their names on the self-registration board

9.15am -Circle Time A short circle time to talk about the days of the week, the date, month and weather along with the singing of our 'days of the week' song.

Children then have the opportunity to play across a number of areas:

Role Play, including our home corner with kitchen, 'babies' and our range of dressing up costumes encouraging imaginative play

Arts & Craft, including painting, model making, glueing, collage etc

Small World, including our farm, garage, animals, dolls house etc. 

Sand & Water Play

Construction Area including large blocks for use indoors and out

Manipulative Play including play-dough as well as activities that encourage fine motor skills such as beading and jigsaws

Physical play with our climbing frame, balls, balancing beams etc

Book & Cosy Corner

We also have areas for early mark-making, numeracy and technology with resources such as a computer, light box, natural resources etc

Throughout the morning there is a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities which may include cooking, playing games together etc.

10.15 am - Snack Time.  All children come together to share a healthy snack of fruit, a savoury item i.e toast and a drink of milk or water. Once snack is finished all children are encouraged to go outside to take part in group games, physical music activities or to play with the outside resources. Free flow play is then put into operation where children can stay outside or go in if they want to.

11.35 - 11.45 -Tidy Up Time.  Children are encouraged to help with tidying up and the putting away of toys and activities.

11.45 to midday-Story & singing Time.  Children snuggle down in the cosy corner to share a story and maybe sing some songs.

12pm - Home Time for some children whilst remaining children stay for lunch until1pm

A few comments from Pre-School parents:

"My child is very happy at Speen Pre-school and there have been many improvements over the last few months, the new equipment is great and exciting"

"My child constantly talks about staff and children throughout the week & weekend.  That makes me love it"

"The recent changes at pre-school - staff, resources, guidance from Bucks CC have meant a greatly improved pre-school"

"All the staff understood that my son was extremely shy & their approach to this was excellent"